High Performance

Posted on Oct 15, 2020

SHMF Introduces Rabun County Middle School Students to Professional Music Performance Technique

Ms. Stafanie Taylor

Students at Rabun County’s Middle School began studying music performance techniques as part of the general music classes during the 2020 school year.  The classes were taught by Rabun Middle School faculty member Ms. Stefanie Taylor and Tom Nixon, CEO of the Southern Highland Music Foundation (SHMF).

Ms. Taylor said, “All creative work was inspired and done by the students, working together in small groups.  Some created their own performance ensembles while others chose to work as soloists.  They selected the music they wanted to perform and took the lead on scheduling practice and rehearsal times.  As a bonus, when the students were ready, we took their projects to the Blue Ridge Music Academy’s recording studio in Clayton to record tracks for a CD.”

Ten students contributed performances to the CD with music tracks ranging from classic rock and bluegrass to solo vocal performances with guitar accompaniment.

TOM NIXON, FIDDLE, Southern Highland Music Foundation
Tom Nixon, CEO of the Southern Highland Music Foundation

Creation of the successful ‘Performance Emphasis’ music program started with a 2019 Project Grant from the Georgia Council for the Arts.  Tom Nixon, CEO of SHMF said, “Since the Music Performance segment has met with great support from Rabun students, teachers and parents, SHMF will continue to fund the project for the new 2020-2021 school year.